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Who are We

We are a group of dedicated conservationists who have been working with wildlife, local Indigenous communities, and protected areas for over 35 years in the Peruvian Amazon. We conduct research on Amazon animals, including primates, dolphins, tapir, cats, peccaries, deer, caimans, macaws, waterfowl, sloths, anteaters, frogs, understory birds, fish, bats, manatees, butterflies, rodents, among others. In this page we show you some of the wonderful videos that we capture during our fieldwork that we conduct every month of the year in the Peruvian Amazon of Loreto. We work very closely with the local indigenous people and feel very strongly about the tremendous benefits of community-based conservation that are helping to save the Amazon and its enormous diversity of animals. Our team of passionate conservationists also run two museums in the Amazon city of Iquitos: the Indigenous Cultures Museum and the Historic Steamboat Museum. We have over 500 students and volunteers helping us with the conservation and research endeavours each year and our slogan is: Together We Will Help Save the Amazon!

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